Fatemeh Almodaresi

PhD (graduated)

I have officially graduaded on June 2020 in Computer Science at University of Maryland at College Park.

I started my PhD working in the field of Natural Language Processing and in about a year after, I moved to the amazing field of Computational Biology, joined Combine lab and started working under the supervision of professor Rob Patro. Since then, my main focus has been on designing and implementing time and space efficient data structures plus reference-based and reference-free indexing tools that are used to query, search, align, assemble or compare sequencing read datasets. I have also experience in abundance estimation specifically for metagenomic samples. In combine lab, we make use of different statistical approaches and probabilistic models in addition to succinct data structures and hashing algorithms to optimize our approximate alignments or sequence search on large collections of sequencing or assembled data and have a more statistically accurate interpretation of the estimated results. I have recently become more and more interested in the application of such tools for better understanding of the sequencing data and novel discoveries via modeling and statistical analysis of such data. Before my PhD, I worked in industry on different areas for 5 years, mostly developing data mining and outlier detection applications in database platforms, and web enterprise applications in Java.