About Us

Better Biology through Better Algorithms

The COMBINE lab was created in the fall of 2014, when Rob Patro joined the Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University. The lab has since grown considerably. Learn more about us below!

Research Interests

The research interests of our lab broadly span many areas of computational biology and bioinformatics. Some of our main areas of interest include:

  • Algorithms for high-throughput transcriptomics (RNA-seq)
    • assembly, quantification, de novo analysis, differential expression
  • Biological network analysis
    • how networks evolve over time, ancestral network inference, network alignment
  • Chromatin structure and epigenetic regulation
    • long-range regulation, structure / function relationship, analysis of Hi-C data
  • Data representation and storage
    • read compression, dynamic text indexing, direct query of compressed representations

Lab Members

Lab Director

Rob Patro

Ph.D. Students (in alphabetical order)

MS Students

  • Nitish Gupta
  • Komal Sanjeev

Past Lab Members

  • Srikant Aggarwal
  • Eshita Bheda
  • Ayush Sengupta